To Improve, Inspire, and Innovate Telecommunications Worldwide

Founded in 2002, FES is a leading provider of innovative solutions to telecommunications providers and equipment manufacturers. FES is headquartered in Blue Bell, USA with branch offices throughout the world to ensure a rapid response and face to face contact with our clients and staff. We staff our projects with the highest quality resources and a proven ability to scale to your specific needs. We meet the demands of today’s competitive telecom industry with a diverse client base and broad geographic distribution.

Most FES resources are full-time employees and not temporary contract workers, and are provided a comprehensive benefit program and other incentives and training. Treating our employees well creates an atmosphere that fosters the best quality of services for our customers.

Total Project Ownership

At the onset of every project, FES identifies a management member within the company as your single point of contact (SPOC). The SPOC keeps a pulse on the project through continual updates with the client and FES project staff. This provides our clients with a time-sensitive, direct gateway to FES leadership for all project-related issues and information, from start to finish.

Turnkey Solutions

FES has extensive experience in managing large turnkey projects of all types. As the wireless industry matures and cost savings becomes more important than ever, the FES turnkey-based approach to managing your project is an attractive choice. Benefits to our clients include assurance that expectations will be exceeded and milestones and deliverables will be met at a known cost up front at the start of a project.

FES Staff

FES recruits, hires, and retains the best telecom professionals in the business. Much of our attraction and retention is based on our reputation of doing the right thing for both clients and employees. Because our goal is to retain great people, it enables us to establish lasting and productive partnerships. Often we are able to provide the same person back to our clients, enabling client-specific knowledge and fast ramp up on future engagements.