FES has a broad understanding of not only governmental regulations and compliance requirements roadmaps, but also individual carrier needs and the way their emergency networks are uniquely implemented. No other provider can effectively bridge those needs while managing multiple stakeholders.

FES Compliance Division members are industry leaders in E911 Compliance and MPE and RF Safety. We have worked with all major U.S. carriers, technology solutions OEMS, and industry compliance organizations including CTIA, ATIS, APCO, and NENA.

Compliance Services

  • E911 Compliance
  • MPE Analysis Services
  • RF Safety Services

Indoor LBS, ESInet next generation architectures, and emerging technologies are changing overall E911 and AGPS data sources and testing methodologies. FES participates with industry committees and OEMs who are developing, specifying, and testing these next generation technologies.

FES has performed all aspects of project planning, execution, and best practices leadership for end-to-end compliance programs as well as preparation, testing, and consulting on emerging 911 technologies. We offer consulting services in compliance best practices recommendations, program management, and large scale project execution, and also MPE study services (remote desktop or on-site survey) and EME and RF Compliance services including RF safety barrier design and mitigation.

FES provides the following compliance services:

Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) Testing

  • Carrier adds and new site build end to end E911 call testing to the PSAP to ensure proper provisioning and call routing prior to sites going live
  • FES has performed this for NSB, BAU and VoLTE deployments nationwide

E911 FCC Accuracy Compliance Testing (ACT)

  • FCC mandates that wireless carriers test their networks for location accuracy
  • This is often a nationwide program with high level coordination between field testing, back office engineering / optimization and regulatory compliance reporting
  • The FES leadership team has been managing the complexities of proper ACT testing since 2006. Delivery target is always on budget and ahead of schedule.

FirstNet and ESInet

  • ESInet next generation IP-based emergency services networks will drastically improve the readiness and service ability of emergency and location services to PSAPs
  • Federal and local governments are launching a variety of upgrade and network replacement initiatives
  • FES has the advantage of understanding not only emergency services but having worked for all carriers in areas of network design and optimization
  • FES ESInet services offerings include network design, deployment, testing, optimization and best practices PM support

Location Based Services and Emerging Technologies

  • Indoor LBS and emerging technologies are changing overall data sources and testing methodologies
  • FES participates with industry committees and tech OEMs who are developing, specifying and testing these next generation technologies
  • FES provides project management and consulting support to industry pioneers in this rapidly evolving area
  • FES participates with CTIA, ATIS, APCO and NENA industry organizations

OTDOA Testing and Optimization

  • LTE deployment has added a new type of fallback location technology, OTDOA
  • FES Compliance Division members have direct experience testing and optimizing timing based networks
  • OTDOA site surveys, testing and optimization may be quoted separately or as part of a larger ACT or PSAP testing program

EME Studies / RF Compliance

  • FES offers MPE Study services (remote desktop or on-site survey)
  • EME and RF Compliance services includes RF Safety Barrier design and mitigation services