THE FESIQ software platform delivers SIGNIFICANT improvements in NETWORK DESIGN and PERFORMANCE AND dramatic cost savings.


The advanced FESIQ software suite squeezes more capacity from limited network and capital resources. FESIQ also delivers dramatic improvements in network efficiency and performance. Our software is built on a solid foundation of RAN and core network engineering subject matter expertise.

FESIQ has integrated modules for network capacity and performance forecasting, crowdsourced RF and data usage measurement analytics, and replay of network performance over time. Utilizing these modules together is very useful for small cell and 5G network design where site placement is critical.

Virtual Benchmark

Assessing coverage, performance, and demand both indoors and outdoors over a large area has been expensive, if not impossible, until now. Within the FESIQ platform, our Virtual Benchmark (VBM) module processes crowdsourced measurements to rapidly assess all networks and technologies, even inside individual buildings. FESIQ VBM also analyzes how much data is being used on each network, which is superior to simply counting tweets or network attempts to gauge demand in an area.

TrafIQ Planner

FES’s TrafIQ Planner module has the unique ability to accurately forecast network performance and capacity under future traffic and spectrum scenarios, even for individual buildings. This gives advance warning of future problems.

Take action before users experience problems on your network. Identify precisely where and when to add equipment and spectrum to sustain future performance, and proactively tap extra capacity sitting unused in your network to save money and sustain performance. Create a "future proof" network design. Optimize timing for spectrum migration from older to newer technologies. Identify worst future offender sites in advance of spectrum harvesting on legacy technologies and balance traffic to maximize the customer experience across all technologies.


FES's ComplianceIQ module analyzes overall E911 performance and provides individual test call details for fast troubleshooting. Quickly view compliance with FCC requirements at county, state, or national levels. Drill down to view individual test call location accuracy detail and other key information to diagnose the root cause of any anomalies affecting E911 performance. Ensure that your network remains compliant and that callers get emergency services assistance as quickly as possible.