OUR FESIQ software platform delivers dramatic cost savings and improvements in performance and efficiency through application specific business intelligence and predictive analytics.


The advanced FESIQ software suite squeezes more capacity from limited network and capital resources. FESIQ also delivers dramatic improvements in network efficiency and performance. Our software is built on a solid foundation of RAN and core network engineering subject matter expertise.

FESIQ has integrated modules for network capacity and performance forecasting, crowdsourced RF and data usage measurement analytics, and replay of network performance over time. Utilizing these modules together is very useful for small cell and 5G network design where site placement is critical.

FESIQ VBM is the Most Advanced Crowdsourced Analytics Platform

Assessing coverage, performance, and demand both indoors and outdoors over a large area has been expensive, if not impossible, until now. Within FESIQ, the Virtual Benchmark (VBM) module processes crowd-sourced measurements to rapidly assess all networks and technologies, even inside individual buildings. FESIQ VBM also analyzes how much data is being used on each network, which is superior to simply counting tweets or network attempts to gauge demand in an area.

Challenges with Existing Methods

Professional drive and walk test gear is expensive. Test handsets, scanners, antennas and cables break frequently, ruining the test. Complicated test equipment requires experienced individuals to operate, process, and analyze the data. Furthermore, drive test data is collected one time and only on publically accessible streets, or in the case of walk testing, only where access is granted by the building owner.

Tools that attempt to locate users using network delay measurements have high location error, often placing users in improbable locations like forests and oceans. Drive and walk test gear gathers no demand or user behavior information, such as locations where data is being consumed heavily.

Introducing FESIQ Virtual Benchmarking

FESIQ VBM continually assesses network service using aggregated measurements from large numbers of ordinary users. This offers truly unbiased, objective identification of network performance and demand. FESIQ VBM is able to assess service inside individual buildings and compare multiple networks against each other. 


Network Design Managers:

Place new small cells based on indoor and outdoor coverage and current and forecasted demand. Assess coverage and performance of competing networks and include in design decisions. To sustain performance, determine whether capacity can simply be added to existing macro site or more expensive indoor solution is needed.

Network Performance Managers:

Assess indoor and outdoor wireless performance with high resolution. View prioritized areas that can be improved through optimization.

Sales and Marketing:

Identify areas of competitive strength and high user concentration. In these areas potential customers can be easily switched to your network. Identify areas of poor service and avoid marketing spend there.

FESIQ also allows the import data such as planned sites, friendly landlords, fiber runs, coverage predictions, and drive and walk test data for improved and comprehensive decision making. FESIQ is accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones.