FES provides field services for new deployments
as well as ONgoing Maintenance to existing infrastructure.


We perform installation, integration, commissioning, advanced troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance for large network migrations, technology upgrades of base station, core network migrations, and transport equipment for a variety of operators.

Field Services

  • Radio Installation
  • BBU Upgrades
  • Backhaul/ Demarc Equipment
  • Cabling
  • Field Surveys
  • Testing
  • Service Restoration
  • Preventive Maintenance

FES field services personnel possess multiple years of combined experience installing and testing network RF equipment and backhaul elements. Our staff have worked with every major OEM and US operator. FES field technicians are the backbone of FES Field Operations supported by back-office Switch and Tier 2 support. FES field services is deeply integrated with both the RF and Construction elements of the company offering a full turnkey, one stop solution to our clients.