FES has deep knowledge and experience in designing and implementing fixed network infrastructure from start to finish based upon the technology, specifications, and goals of our clients.

Services include network core engineering, transport coordination and circuit provisioning, C-RAN engineering and virtualization, interconnect and capacity planning, equipment configuration, catastrophe planning, and least cost routing optimization.

Fixed Network Services

  • Microwave Backhaul

  • Circuit Provisioning

  • Transport Coordination

  • Core/IP Services

  • Equipment Engineering

FES Microwave Engineers provide solutions to our clients including preliminary design, site surveys and path engineering, frequency selection and licensing, final design, installation and commissioning, and link acceptance testing. FES Microwave Engineers have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to provide microwave relocation services for our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.

FES also has extensive experience designing and deploying Ethernet over fiber and copper, OSP and ISP engineering and construction, core network engineering, and all aspects of transport configuration and troubleshooting