FES has extensive experience desigNing and Optimizing indoor and outdoor SMALL CELL, DAS, and WiFi systems. We can provide quality wireless coverage for any type of building, no matter where it’s located, on time and within budget.

Network densification is the key to meeting ever-growing capacity and coverage demands. Commercial wireless users increasingly insist on reliable communications inside office and residential buildings. At the same time, local municipalities are issuing ordinances to ensure that construction of new buildings include adequate radio coverage of public safety signals. FES's expert HetNet engineers ensure a proper system is implemented to meet these complex requirements and satisfy all stakeholders.

HetNet Services

  • Pre-Installation Site Survey

  • Benchmark RF Data Collection

  • Detailed In-Building Design

  • Generate BOM and Labor Cost Estimates

  • Installation Services

  • Post-Installation RF Study and Optimization

  • Project and Construction Management

DAS Services

Although towers have greater coverage areas, large buildings, rough terrain and distance from a tower can result in poor service. DAS systems are a reliable solution to improve service in these areas. We have the in-house experience and expertise to design and install the most cost effective DAS solutions for our clients. We use the leading industry tools and well as our proprietary tools and processes to ensure the best possible system is implemented.

FES DAS system engineers and installers maintain industry certifications from many prominent DAS OEMs including SOLID, Corning, ADRF, CommScope, TEKO and Nokia. 

Public Safety

We deliver in-building RF coverage solutions and consolidated emergency communication systems that meet the real-time, fail-safe needs of first responders, public safety agencies and jurisdictions. 

FES offers end-to-end solutions to help cities, counties, campuses, ports, and stadiums make smart, sustainable decisions about their wireless networks for public access, public works, and public safety applications. These networks support digital inclusion, improve public safety, and allow municipal employees to be more productive, driving economic development and enhancing the quality of life for people living and working in these environments.
FES provides market-leading DAS solutions, including Wi-Fi, 4.9 GHz public safety and 5.9 GHz ITS networks. Our mesh networks can be built from existing wired points-of-presence as needed allowing you to deploy infrastructure only when and where subscriber demand and/or need exists. Additional nodes can be easily added to the mesh to target specific areas or buildings, adding capacity as required.