Our highly regarded Network Monitoring service
provides real-time optimization and reporting
during the world’s largest events, including
events with 250,000+ attendees.


FES has monitored and optimized thousands of special events including conventions, concerts, sports events, and other major and minor events for many of the world’s largest network operators. Events successfully monitored recently include Mardi Gras, New York Times Square Ball Drop, and the 2017 U.S. Presidential Inauguration. Network operators also enlist our help during weekends and disasters when their staff is busy or resting.


Network Monitoring Services

  • Pre-event analysis and venue design (COW/COLT placement and parameter implementation, etc.)
  • Verify sites alarm-free and set to baseline parameter values
  • Real-time monitoring and optimization during the event
  • Hourly email updates
  • Post-event analysis and reporting

Networks are subjected to extremes of traffic, noise, and customer behavior during Special Events, however operators might not be able to devote sufficient attention to maximizing the customer experience during these events. Special Events often occur during nights and weekends, and operator staff that has already worked a full week may not be able to devote their full attention to intensive alarm and performance monitoring and optimization/ traffic shifting during these critical times.

Often performance changes very rapidly as users move from one part of the venue to another, and the engineer monitoring the event needs to decide quickly on the best parameter and tilt adjustments to balance traffic in real time. In addition, the applied optimization techniques can vary dramatically from engineer to engineer. FES gladly takes on the monitoring and optimization work at any time, and follows a systematic and consistent approach to monitoring and optimization to maximize the customer experience.

FES has a deep pool of trained resources that can handle multiple simultaneous events and long duration events with consistently high quality. Our service greatly reduces the burden on operator staff.