FES RAN/RF Engineers have complete understanding and execution experience on all network technologies and life-cycle phases. WE EXCEL AT assuming design and optimization responsibilities for our clients.

FES provides highly skilled engineering services to our clients to support their short to long-term project requirements. FES resources integrate rapidly within the client organization, take ownership of assigned responsibilities, facilitate knowledge transfer, and exit gracefully at the conclusion of each project.

FES is happy to provide experienced temporary staff to work under the direction of our clients, but we also excel at managing large, complex turnkey projects ourselves. Turnkey projects ease the burden on your organization and hold us accountable to defined deliverables, timelines, and fixed projects costs. Our senior consultants and management team have a full understanding of the turnkey project life cycle, including defining requirements, assigning priorities, staffing the project, developing the plan and tracking methodology, identifying, mitigating, and managing risk, and measuring results.

Our RAN and RF Engineering experience ranges from nominal cell planning for new networks to integration and optimization of the latest technologies in dense urban environments and all types of small cell deployments.

Radio Access Network Services

  • RF Design and Optimization

  • Special Event Monitoring

  • DAS Systems

  • Competitive Benchmarking

  • CW/Model Tuning

  • Interference Hunting

RF Design and Optimization

FES has vast experience designing and optimizing all technologies and equipment vendor platforms including new site turn-ups, technology upgrades, and improvement of poorly performing areas in mature networks. Our popular Special Event Monitoring service grants us the opportunity to witness networks at extreme levels of traffic, interference, and user behavior, and we've learned what techniques work best to maximize the customer experience. Supporting the world's biggest telecom operators, we have observed what techniques deliver the best results and we implement those best practices on your network to achieve performance improvements in a short amount of time.


FES is on the cutting edge of next generation wireless technologies. We are actively performing 5G mmWave and CBRS design and have extensive experience with LAA testing and optimization. We host internal training on new technologies to increase the knowledge base of our staff and bring forward-looking perspectives to our clients.

Small Cells

FES has designed tens of thousands of small cells for our various clients. We have extensive experience in both indoor and outdoor small cell design and optimization and the unique challenges that these different environments bring. We host internal knowledge sharing sessions to distribute learnings and best practices throughout the organization. In addition, we approach design decisions with new CBRS and 5G technologies in mind, to ensure graceful upgrades to new technologies.

When designing a large number of Small Cells in a short amount of time, proper planning and execution is critical for success. Balancing cost, siting, and equipment constraints within a tight timeline is an enormous challenge that FES has achieved time and again.

Our extensive experience allows us to offer flexible milestone scope of work options to help our customers achieve their deployment goals.

Innovative Approach

FES brings benefits to our design and optimization projects that simply can’t be matched by others. The innovative FESIQ Virtual Benchmark and TrafIQ Performance Forecasting tools improve the timing and placement of new macro and small cell sites, and sustain network performance through rising traffic and shifting spectrum.

FESIQ VBM aggregates and analyzes network measurements from millions of consumer devices on all networks and technologies, with 10 meter resolution. Measurements are gathered wherever users are located, including homes, offices, golf courses, ski areas, etc. VBM quickly determines how a client's network compares to competitors in the focus area and where the true demand is located, and uses that information to make better site placement and prioritization decisions.

Within FESIQ, the patented TrafIQ Planner module uses predictive analytics to accurately forecast network performance and capacity under future traffic and spectrum scenarios, giving a “crystal ball” view of future network performance. KPIs are forecasted from overall market level down to individual cell level on all 3G and 4G technologies, including Retainability, Accessibility, Throughput, various utilization KPIs, and more. TrafIQ Planner can even forecast the future performance and capacity inside individual buildings.

As the importance of network capacity increases over time, this information is extremely useful to create a more “future proof” design and improve decision making on macro and small cell placement, prioritization, and candidate selection, more graceful spectrum migration, and special event planning.