FES TrafIQ uses MACHINE LEARNING to accurately forecast future network performance and capacity KPIs under different traffic and spectrum scenarios.


The patented FES TrafIQ Planner tool has the unique ability to accurately forecast network performance and capacity under future traffic and spectrum scenarios, even for individual buildings. This gives advance warning of future problems.

Take action before users experience problems on your network. Identify precisely where and when to add equipment and spectrum to sustain future performance, and proactively tap extra capacity sitting unused in your network to save money and sustain performance. Create a "future proof" network design. Optimize timing for spectrum migration from older to newer technologies. Identify worst future offender sites in advance of spectrum harvesting on legacy technologies and balance traffic to maximize the customer experience across all technologies.

Performance and capacity KPIs are forecasted from market level down to cell level, including voice and data accessibility, retainability, throughput, PRB utilization, and others. As the importance of network capacity increases over time, this data is extremely useful to create a more “future proof” design and improved decision making on new macro site and small cell placement, prioritization, candidate selection, more graceful spectrum migration, special event planning and analysis, and other applications.

The identification of future worst KPI offender cells can be used to make proactive network changes (tilts, parameters, power licenses, etc.) to save performance, rather than reacting to poor performance (and upset customers) after spectrum migrations or increased network loading. Because TrafIQ identifies each cell’s unique breaking point in terms of performance under load, excess capacity in the network can also be identified and tapped, often saving unnecessary equipment from being added or freeing funds to be better spent in a different part of the network for a larger customer impact.

TrafIQ shows the impact to all technologies, so various scenarios can be run to find the optimal time to migrate spectrum. TrafIQ also includes a "Play Movie" feature which allows you to see on the map how network performance will change over time.

TrafIQ Planner is in use in multiple major operator networks currently and has been proven in many of the world's largest cities.