FES Virtual benchmarking allows assessment of network performance and user demand across vast areas and thousands of individual buildings.

Assessing coverage, performance, and demand both indoors and outdoors over a large area has been expensive, if not impossible, until now. FES's Virtual Benchmark product rapidly assesses all networks and technologies, even inside individual buildings.

FES Virtual Benchmarking

Today network operators have reliable outdoor and on-street service in most areas, and are increasingly focused on providing reliable service inside homes and buildings. To assess indoor service, our FESIQ Virtual Benchmark (VBM) software breaks down network performance and data usage per building and area, and prioritizes buildings and outdoor areas for the sales and network organizations to target.

Indoor and Outdoor Measurement Data

FES has developed extensive capabilities to assess vast quantities of individual buildings from both sales and network organization perspectives through anonymized, aggregated crowdsourced measurements. Through our VBM approach, thousands or even millions of buildings can be assessed at much lower cost than traditional testing methods, and in locations impossible to access with legacy drive and walk test approaches.

Challenges with Existing Methods

Professional drive and walk test gear is expensive. Test handsets, scanners, antennas and cables break frequently, ruining the test. Complicated test equipment requires experienced individuals to operate, process, and analyze the data. Furthermore, drive test data is collected one time and only on publically accessible streets, or in the case of walk testing, only where access is granted by the building owner.

Tools that attempt to locate users using network delay measurements have high location error, often placing users in improbable locations like forests and oceans. Drive and walk test gear gathers no demand or user behavior information, such as locations where data is being consumed heavily.

Introducing FESIQ Virtual Benchmarking

FESIQ VBM continually assesses network service using aggregated measurements from large numbers of ordinary users. This offers truly unbiased, objective identification of network performance and demand. FESIQ VBM is able to assess service inside individual buildings and compare multiple networks against each other. 


Network Design Managers:

Assess indoor and outdoor wireless performance with high location precision. Place 5G sites and small cells based on indoor and outdoor coverage and demand. Benchmark competing networks and include in design decisions.

Network Performance Managers:

View prioritized improvement opportunity areas that can be fixed at no capital cost. Identify solutions to improve areas with poor performance.

Sales and Marketing:

Identify areas of competitive strength and high user concentration. In these areas potential customers can be easily switched to your network. Identify areas of poor service and avoid marketing spend there.

Infrastructure Owners:

Identify areas where one or more networks has poor service and lots of users. Target these areas for buildout. Identify and prioritize candidate buildings for new indoor solutions.

FESIQ VBM also allows the import data such as planned sites, asset lists, fiber runs, coverage predictions, and drive and walk test data for improved and comprehensive decision making. FESIQ VBM is accessible on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

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